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Why Does Massage Work?

My goal as a massage therapist is to use the techniques I have been trained in to promote health and well-being in my clients.  I have taken 10+ continuing education classes during my career.  Part of the challenge of being a massage therapist is pulling the right tool out of my toolbox for what a client needs.  Each client is different, with different symptoms, aches or pains.  Therefore, I personalize each massage by asking specific questions about problem areas to focus on, if the pressure I am using is comfortable, etc.

Tight, restricted muscles have less bloodflow.  Picture yourself standing on a garden hose.  Even a little bit of applied pressure will cut off some of the output.  This is what is happening to your tight muscles:  they are not able to perform at their highest level.  Tight muscles can also put pressure on nerves, causing pain, tingling or numbness.

Massage Therapy at Balanced Life Massage

During a massage session, I apply pressure to muscles, lift and stretch tissue, move joints and encourage tissue repair by (sometimes) creating therapeutic inflammation.  Increased blood flow and lymph movement bring more nutrients to tissue and take away waste products that may have built up.  Increasing water intake after a massage will help these waste products be flushed out of muscles (and your system) and not just settle back in.  Increased blood flow makes your muscles feel better and healthy muscles move better.

Massage works by making your muscle and tissue healthier which makes you healthier!!

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