I read an article about Stress by Amber Ludeman recently and it struck home for me. Here are some of her thoughts.

Common signs of stress:

-Headaches, sadness, anxiety, memory problems, trouble sleeping
-Acne, eczema, or other skin issues
-Increased heart rate, rise in blood pressure
-Muscles aches and tension, especially in the neck, shoulders & back
-Nausea, pain, heartburn and weight gain
-Digestive issues and decreased immune function.

The effects of stress in the body can affect every body system and virtually every function as seen in the list above.

So what do we do about stress?
-Identify our triggers for stress.
-Be aware of its symptoms and optimize our bodies to deal with stress as it arises.
-Implement change.

Physical stress manifests itself in very similar ways for most of us. Are your shoulders going toward your ears? Are your hips tightening and creating lower back pain?

These are signs that you need to start a more mindful relaxation practice. Massage is a great way to “reset” the body and mind to reduce stress. You can also try yoga, stretching, meditation or deep breathing.

In good health,