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Massage for Pain Management

Pain has been in the news a lot recently, especially when talking about the opioid epidemic. Massage is a proven, effective strategy to reduce pain without drugs or a possible drug addiction.

Pain is an alarm system in the body. Pain can be caused by any of the following: lack of blood supply to the tissue, postural distortions, biomechanical dysfunction, trigger points within the muscle, or chronically tight muscles.

Massage works at the tissue level to send a new, positive message to nerves and muscles bellies. Just as important is the positive psychological message clients receive during their massage session in a relaxing, calm and safe environment.

Massage relieves pain by using manual therapy techniques such as gliding and kneading strokes, trigger point release and some deep friction to target specific muscles or muscle groups.

If you suffer from chronic pain, please call and schedule a massage appointment so we can work together to break your pain cycle.

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