Sports Massage in Durango, CO

sports massage durango Is pain keeping you sidelined? Whether your injury is sports related or not, you can benefit from receiving a sports massage. Our Durango massage therapist is highly specialized in the area of sports massage, and will work to help decrease your pain and increase your mobility.

Most spas do not have a sports massage therapist on staff, but Balanced Life Massage is home to trained sports massage specialist Lisa Weber, who has practiced massage for 13 years. Having a massage therapist trained in sports massage is invaluable when it comes to recovering from your injury.

What is Sports Massage?

Therapeutic sports massage is a massage technique that focuses on the soft tissues of the body. Sports massage is designed to treat soft tissue aches, pains, and injuries associated with recreational activities, but even if you aren’t an athlete, sports massage can help you get back on track and back in the game.

Sports Massage Benefits

What are the benefits of sports massage? You’ll notice an increase in flexibility and strength and a decrease in pain. It may help you stay injury free so you can enjoy less downtime. Sports and injury massage can offer relief from:

  • Repetitive Use Injuries
  • Over Use Injuries
  • Repetitive Posture Injuries
  • Muscle Pain
  • Tendon Pain
  • Fascia Pain
  • IT Band Pain
  • Ligament Pain
  • Soft Tissue Pain
  • Limited Range of Motion
  • Limited Strength
  • Lack of Flexibility
  • Over Training Injuries – Acute & Chronic

Athletes & Sports Massage

When do athletes seek therapeutic massage? If you’re an athlete or otherwise physically active adult, massage will benefit you during the following times:

Pre-event/Inter-event: Getting a massage between 30 minutes and 2 hours before a sporting event is a great way to warm up the muscles and prepare for the work you’re about to do. The techniques are massage therapist uses are similar to those used in Swedish massage as we don’t want to work on the muscles too deeply right before your event.

Post-event: Schedule a sports massage between 30 minutes and 2 days after your competition, race or event to calm your muscles and increase circulation. Just like pre-event massages, post-event massages incorporate gentle Swedish massage techniques to allow your muscles time to recover.

Maintenance & Recovery: Sports massage is an integral part of an athlete’s routine and is the type of massage that goes deep into your muscles and soft tissues. If you have an injury, sports massage can be beneficial in helping you recover more quickly.

4 Signs You Need a Sports Massage

Lower Back Pain

Pain is your body’s way of letting you know something is out of balance. Therapeutic massage for lower back pain is a great way to improve your mobility and decrease your pain, gradually helping you feel 100% again.

Frequent Headaches

Sports massage can help relieve tension headaches that can occur when your muscles get too tight. Massage loosens the muscles of the head, neck and back, and has been shown to improve migraines, too.

Chronic Stress

Most diseases are rooted in stress. Studies have proven that massage therapy can lower the amount of stress you are feeling, allowing you to enjoy more relaxation and overall wellness.

Postural Problems

Poor posture can lead to painful muscular imbalances. Our massage therapist can help locate and treat your trigger points to relieve the pain.


Stress can lead to insomnia, another sign you may need a sports massage. Massage therapy promotes healthy, deep sleep. If you’ve been experiencing insomnia, make massage therapy part of your wellness routine.

Injury Massage in Durango, CO

Whether you have an injury that is sports related or not, sports and injury massage is an integral part of your recovery. Our knowledgeable Durango massage therapist will create a unique plan to help you fully heal your injury, assisting you through every phase of the recovery process so you can feel better faster.

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